The Freakin‘ Pilot originally from Blue Skies Magazine talks to some of the worlds premiere as well as unknown extreme air sports athletes to get their take on living life to the fullest, their paths to the “lunatic fringe” and how they fit into the mainstream world while living life on the dark side.


In one of the more offensive episodes of lunatic fringe, back in the can for episode 200 is a true brother not only to myself, but the entire sport of skydiving. A lifelong ambassador for skydiving as a proud tandem instructor, Derick Massey through years of experience, and incredible injuries and recoveries has maintained his passion for his well earned slot deep within the lunatic fringe.

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With her drive and passion for ballet slowly fading, Tijana Milacic found herself living in Serbia and wondering what comes next. For a time it was a successful career in the hospitality industry in the bustling city of Dubai, but as can happen, even this was not meeting her expectations, and she was all but ready to move on, until... It was a coworkers suggestion to make a "safe" and easy AFF skydive over the desert sands that truly lit a new fire for her. Now more than a thousand jumps in and a few years behind the counter as a Manifest Professional, there is no doubt in Tijana's mind that she is in it for the long run. With daydreams of working as an instructor and even the possibility of BASE, it's a pretty sure bet that she is now and will forever be a passionate member of the Lunatic Fringe.

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Let's just call this one what it is. We all sat down in a very small room with some microphones, got intentionally as drunk as we possibly could and tried to talk about skydiving. Chances are you've probably done some version of it yourself, but If you haven't done it, we highly recommend you try it sometime, but until then please enjoy this little Lunatic Fringe bunch of idiots having a wonderful time…

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Sometimes it's not always about the long game... Like many of us working skydivers, Ben Milham-Marks dove head first into the wonderful world of skydiving, and worked his way from the bottom up. From professional packer even before he was a licensed jumper, to an AFF instructor with only 400 or so jumps, then on to tandems and the traveling road show that can be a professional jumpers life, Ben pretty much covered it all; but as has been said and proven many times before, passion and work don't always necessarily make for the best mix. Having hit a stage in his career and life where its time for a change, Ben shares the joy that has been his time in skydiving, and why he's chosen, at least for now to call it quits. Searching out different avenues in life, he maintains his position with the Lunatic fringe at least for now through fond memories and amazing lessons learned.

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Back in the can for a great one on one episode with the one and only Mr. Pablo Hernandez, it's a more personal chat about his beginnings in the sport (which happen to be one of the most interesting origin stories I have yet to hear), what it's like to take on so many different roles in skydiving, and what it's like being considered an OG jumper when the beginning seemed like it wasn't that long ago… Lunatic Fringe tempered with a little seasoning and a pinch of wise for good measure.

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October 24, 2022

Tom Noonan Tribute Part 2

In our second of two episodes, we pass on a little more knowledge, passion and joy from the one and only Mr. Tom Noonan.

"It's never goodbye, its only see you next time" - T.N


It's the return of Mr. Tom Noonan to talk a whole lot about safety!  At a time when more skydivers are less current than they've ever been, Tom has great information, tips and advice on everything from canopy choices and getting back into the nylon groove, to AAD's and his personal take on Covid.  Join us for a super informative and safety based talk on this edition of Lunatic Fringe.

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In memory of one of skydivings most generous and the anniversary of his passing. He was one of the sports most avid cheerleaders, motivators, teachers and first and foremost, passionate jumpers. Please, take a step back in time to relive with us here at Lunatic Fringe a little of the positivity and joy for our sport brought to us each and every day by Mr. Tom Noonan.

"It's never goodbye. It's only until next time." -T.N

The desire to skydive seems to grab each of us in a different way it seems, and Mr. Tom Noonan is no different. His passion? From the very start it was of all things, tandems! Where most of us are dragged kicking and screaming at first, he was drawn to instantly, and went about making it his lifelong passion to not only share our world with people as a tandem instructor, but to go much deeper and help train those of us who chose to throw drogues; and along with the true tandem pioneers in the sport, also to go about making it as safe as humanly possible. And on top of all this... he decided to hit the actual top of the world with Everest Skydive! Join in for an extremely informative and entertaining path along the Lunatic Fringe.

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It honestly could have gone either way. A gift of a tandem skydive when he was only 14 years old, the experience proved to be overloading to say the least and Max Manow found himself torn between absolutely loving the experience and wanting to throw up. Luckily, skydiving and eventually many aspects of the airports world became his driving passion. Through part luck and part personal drive, Max worked his way from the bottom up, going from packing parachutes to video, to instruction, and then on to some of the most coveted spots in our sport. A competitive swooper, an active member of the RedBull Skydiving Team and a number of other high profile projects, Max not only aims to continue to further his own personal experience, but to bring others along with him, coaching, instructing, and taking part in camps and events all around the world, ensuring he maintains his multi-faceted slot deep within the Lunatic Fringe.

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Like so many before him, that first skydive was more on a whim than anything else. Ending up at an operation not too far from his grandparents home, Alberto Avalis may have seen parachutes in the sky before, but it wasn't until after that first jump that he knew. Working a construction job to pay for his new habit, it wasn't all that long before he knew that skydiving was the life for him. Now, after earning all the ratings and working as a professional skydiver and instructor for many years, he's set his sights on competition, and the coveted head down big way world record, of which he was able to earn a slot for this years attempt. Hoping to go back in 2025 to nail it, he plans on continuing on full power down his path with the Lunatic Fringe, competing, working, and loving every bit of it.

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September 26, 2022

Lunatic Fringe with Guy Manos

Guy Manos might not be a name a lot of newer jumpers are familiar with, but there is absolutely no doubt they are intimately familiar with his work. A University of Miami film-school graduate, a world skydiving champion, stuntman, screenwriter and director, Guy was one of the earliest pioneers of what the film industry now calls “pre-vis” --- the jumping off point, for all the CineLogic innovations, of which he is the technical mastermind. Having cut his teeth in the Hollywood world with such films as Cliffhanger, Dropzone and Cutaway, there is little doubt that his body of work clearly makes him a true legend deep within the Lunatic Fringe.

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